My husband Bill’s cousin Jane has traveled to the Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces of China several times with Agape Way, a non-denominational Christian charity mission ministry. She always returns with powerful stories of her adventures. Sometimes the angels were privileged to be included in her suitcase as gifts for the children.


In 2006 Jane spoke of a blind Chinese boy who had been deserted by his parents. The Agapeway missionaries had taken him in. Thinking especially of him (about six years old at the time), Jane packed five or six items to give him, including a shell and two angels, so that he could experience textures. He was delighted with his gift. After spending time with him, Jane commented that he had such a strong faith – a calm approach to life. When asked about this, he stated, “you have eyes and you worry about things you see. I am blessed. I do not have eyes and I do not worry . . . I trust God.”