Custom Angel – $20 – Custom orders offer a personal heartfelt touch. Richard Bach once said:  


Every gift from a friend is a wish for happiness.    


Such a well-spoken thought. The purpose of a gift is to express happiness, joy or celebration – hope, love or support – thanksgiving  – remembrance, faith or prayers. And these little handmade angels are a terrific way to convey these feelings. Ideas include:     


A symbol of love, strength, friendship, joy or celebration. 

A gesture of encouragement and support. 

A remembrance for someone who has experienced a loss.

A personalized baby or graduation present.    

A tennis shoe for someone who has run a marathon.  

A favor for a wedding, a shower or a bridesmaid luncheon.

A thank you gift for party hosts.


There are as many possibilities as there are pounds of clay in the ground! If interested in custom angels, contact Ellen at A minimum of ten is preferred, but will be waived under special circumstances.


Small Print: Please keep in mind that custom orders take at least six weeks or more as the work needs to be sculpted, dried, fired, glazed, fired again, and then shipped.